The Walking Dead: Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

I think all of mankind has already imagined the day when zombies walk freely throughout the land. It is obvious in the number of movies and games grossing the charts in recent years. In addition, the amount of people posting information regarding what to do when it really happens has been increasing.

Everyone already had it in their minds, and it was just a matter of time before the television industry joined in on the fun.

One of the television shows that are widely acclaimed by a lot of viewers recently has been The Walking Dead. It is about a world where a lot of individuals have been infected by a certain virus, and though it is in every single one of them, there are those who are immune. These are the people who are running rampantly and trying to stay alive and keeping themselves away from hordes of zombies.


It should also be noted that this series originally was based from a comic book.

The main protagonist of the television show is Rick Grimes, who is played by Andrew Lincoln, is a former sheriff in King’s County who has been comatose for several months. Once he woke up, everything that he knew about the world changed. It was hell by the time he stepped out of the hospital.


In addition, once he met up with the group he became the instant leader. It was the best choice considering his best traits – calm, smart, a good shooter, a good friend, husband, and father, but no character is always perfect. In this case, he sees every situation in a neutral position. He never distinguishes which is good and evil. As long as you are doing your job, all is well.

This may have caused some aspects in his family ties to crack and sometimes, ultimately break down as a result. Furthermore, as a man given power, there are times when he struggles to keep it under control. He came to a point when he was high with power, as a result became a dictator. It was a good thin that he snapped out of it, especially when they were facing a new antagonist.


In the latest season, a Philip Blake who goes by the moniker “The Governor”, portrayed by David Morrissey, is the latest main antagonist. He heads the place called Woodbury, which he claims to protect, but still the town’s people blindly follow him. However, they never know the obsessions they have regarding the zombies that the television show calls walkers.


He has jars of decapitated walker heads displayed in one of his rooms and he keeps his daughter, who is also a walker, a secret from them all. On the other hand, one follower started to be suspicious of him and found all his secrets. Eventually, she killed his daughter. Rick’s group attacks Woodbury one day to save two of their companions and was blamed by The Governor for what happened.


It immediately became a scuffle. The show features the exciting world that most would fear; but for zombie fanatics, it is the best show that lives their fantasy. Which leaves us with one question – will this eventually happen?

In that case, it may be a good idea to watch them do it first to give you an idea what to do if ever it really does.