3 Things In The Walking Dead’s “Self Help” That Just Didn’t Work



The Walking Dead’s ‘Self Help’ was one of the most anticipated episodes of the season, due to the fact that many fans—rightfully—believed it would be the episode when the build-up around the character of Eugene paid off. As it turns out, Eugene—like his comic book counterpart—was lying about having a cure for the virus and had led the group across state lines for absolutely nothing. The episode was a great one, but not everything about the episode really worked. The following are three things that the writers of Self Help could have improved upon!

Why do the characters keep flipping cars?

It’s understandable for the show’s writers to introduce complicates that make it impossible for the group to travel by vehicle all the time. Fuel can easily run out, cars can break down, and accidents can even happen. But it seems that the characters in the Walking Dead just can’t stop flipping cars! In this episode, Abraham flips the bus after taking his eyes off the road for just a moment—in fact, the flipping bus sequence seemed almost exactly like the ridiculous sequence in season 2 where Lori flipped her own car! The writers would have been better off having the bus run out of fuel than causing yet another flipped vehicle scenario.


Maggie’s lack of self-reflection

It was nice to have Maggie and Eugene in a scene together, but the writers should have used the character’s downtime (such as their banter on the bus) to allow Maggie a moment of self-reflection about the death of her father and her missing sister.

The kills were a little too easy


The scene where Eugene dispatches with a group of walkers using nothing but a high-pressure fire hose was a great little humorous touch to an otherwise bleak show—but the walkers in this episode seemed a little too easy to kill. So easy, in fact, that many viewers wondered why the group didn’t decide to just plow through the road where the walkers were fenced in! After the bus flipped, the walkers were killed with such skill and speed that it made their potential escape from the situation completely void of tension. It’s normal for the characters to become better at killing walkers, but there needs to still be some element of force behind the walkers for them to be truly threatening.

What did you think about this episode?