AT&T U-verse is a Bonding Tool

Television has a way of bringing people together. Almost everyone loves to kick back, relax, and enjoy some TV.  The television can give us an escape from our own secular world and helps us discover new ideas, introduce us to new people, and bring us to a fairy tale land.


Families around have family movie night, friends have get-togethers to watch their favorite shows, sports fans gather together to watch the big game, and if you’re like my family, TV can give you something to bond over.



My older sister and I loved General Hospital, even though we technically weren’t allowed to watch it, when we were growing up. Many nights we would sneak out of our beds whenever we could to watch from the hallway while my mother and father watched their VCR recordings of GH. Then we would go back to our beds and play games like “Guess Who” and “Meet General Hospital.”

“Guess Who” meant we described a character from the show and their story line and the other had to guess who we were talking about, and “Meet General Hospital” meant we would imagine that we were chosen to meet the crew of GH and got to chose a star (or two) from the show to spend an entire day with.


We even incorporated General Hospital into our Barbie playing. If you watch General Hospital you know that they used to (sometimes still do) have an annual Nurse’s Ball where the cast puts on performances on the show and everyone dresses in ball gowns for AIDs awareness.

My sister and I would dress our Barbie’s up and reenact the Nurse’s Ball every year. We absolutely loved it and really anticipated the event. Every new “season” GH had we would get psyched up about the new beginning with all the characters’ new cameos.


Let’s just say TV has always been bringing my sister and I together, and continues to do so today. Now my sister and I live 5 hours away from each other but we still have our shows that keep up together.

I am constantly posting memes on my sister’s Facebook timeline that are referenced toward Vampire Diaries, we talk on the phone for hours about ABC’s Revenge, and we text back and forth during performances on Dancing With the Stars. We love to talk TV.


As my sister and I started getting older and living more “grown up” lives it started to become harder for us to keep up on our TV shows together. So, she and I both ordered the AT&T U-verse Home DVR this year before the new Fall Lineup started up. Find out more about the AT&T U-verse at

So far we have been able to stay on the same track with our shows give or take a few days. It has been great for us and our shared loved of TV. Five hours apart, we have to do all that it takes to stay as bonded as possible and AT&T U-verse has really helped us in doing so!

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