From the “Boob Tube” to Science Fiction

old_tv_set_Television is an interesting invention.  From the early days, even as far back as the late 19th Century, the transmission of electrical signals across time and space has fascinated technological pioneers.  TV technology grew from the advent of the telephone, which in turn came from telegraphs, each transmitting their signals through an electronic device across vast distances.

The earliest TVs used what is sometimes referred to as “the boob tube”, due to two factors: the negative effect of watching too much TV and thus making someone a “boob” and the “tube”, which is what the main physical component of early TVs were called.  A variety of tubes, including amplifier tubes and then on to cathode ray tubes but these were unsuccessful in transmitting moving pictures at first.


During the 1920’s, various inventors from all around the world were experimenting with different attempts at transmitting video signals using these tubes, including Russians, Japanese, Scottish and Hungarian.

By the 1950’s televisions were in households all over the world. The cathode ray tubes became more advanced by this point and while extremely rare, color television was available by 1953.  Due to the high costs of the sets and dearth of broadcasting programs around, most people stuck with their black and white sets.


These tube sets lasted for many years and the first wave of new TV technology did not come until rear projection sets emerged.  Though available as early as the 1970’s, rear projection, using a much larger TV format screen, did not come into regular use until the 80’s.  The technology used with these is similar to a video projector and thus the name, projecting images onto a screen, only here it happens on the TV, using a beam of light and in some cases utilizing the aforementioned cathode tubes.

Though still in service in some places today, these rear projection TVs have been replaced by several newer sets, including flat panel display.  Flat panel display is broken up into three separate categories: Plasma, LCD and LED.


Plasma sets use a charged ion gas to display the image, which is praised for its deep blacks for better contrast.  Early plasmas often had a “burn in”, causing images to stay on the screen, even after the set was turned off.

LCD, or liquid-crystal display, utilize light modulating technology.  Liquid crystals don’t emit light directly and are not susceptible to screen burn in.  They are praised for their light, compact size but sometimes suffer from a limited viewing angle and motion blur.


The current champion of TV technology is the LED, or light-emitting diode.  While Plasma and LCD are praised for their slim, compact size, LED are even slimmer and use organic semiconductors to emit light.  The incredibly high level of definition possible with LED is staggering.

But this is only the beginning.  TV technology has and will continue to grow.

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You Need To Switch To Charter Communications

Save yourself and your family the trouble that comes with inefficiency when it comes to technology because there is simply no room for it in the twenty-first century!  Now more than ever technology is ingrained into our society, our lifestyles, our ability to communicate, learn, educate ourselves, communicate, and so much more.  So why not get the best technology you can to do all this without spending your entire life savings on it every month?

With Charter Cable Deals enjoy Charter Internet with Charter TV in HD and Charter Phone Unlimited.  These three home services will replace not only the ones you currently have but they will help you replace your entire lifestyle with something more practical and efficient for your daily 21st century needs.


Getting online used to be a hassle, at first with dial-up connections and then with lagging services like DSL that are only practically accessible to one person at a time.  With the insane speeds that Charter Internet comes with you can surf the web instantly, going from one news webpage to the next for the quickest and most in-depth coverage of the days most important events.

If you love playing video games then you will not be able to get enough of them online with Charter Internet.  Letting you play advanced video games with the best graphics with no lag at all you will get the hang of games faster and quickly become the best player!  If you enjoy great entertainment, then Charter Communications is the way to go.


Other abilities that Charters insanely fast speeds bring include the fastest downloading with a PowerBoost that is included with Charter Plus, Max, and Ultra 60.  Charter Internet comes in five different packages for a personalized online experience.  When you get the PowerBoost feature you can download anything from HD movies and shows to the largest music discographies and audio books in a few minutes!  Rather than waiting around for hours and even days in many cases, start watching, listening to, and reading your favorite downloads almost as fast as you find them.

Charter Lite and Charter Express are both insanely fast when it comes to general surfing including checking your email, entertaining your kids with educational websites, and basic downloading abilities. No matter the internet service you get from Charter, all of your online activities will be fully secure with Charter’s advanced security suite.


Now with Charter TV in HD the variety of High Definition channels has surpassed anyone and everyone’s wildest dreams.  With over 900 HD choices with HD On Demand you will have access to the largest selection of the most realistic television in the world!

The realistic nature of sports games, movies, concerts, and live gigs of all sorts will blow your mind with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound that comes with many HD channels from Charter TV!  With both the visual and audio cinematic experience you will have more fun watching your favorite events in the comfort of your own home than actually going out to see them!  The savings you will incur from not spending cash on transportation, tickets, and extra food will be extremely helpful, especially in this day and age.


The usability of this television service from Charter is designed for many people to be able to take advantage of the insane quantity and quality of the selections available. A DVR lets you and everyone in your house take control over what they watch and when they watch it with hours of personal programming available! Record anything you want and watch it at the exact moment it fits perfectly into your schedule!

Tons of other programming tools come with Charter TV for more selections and more exciting entertainment that can be enjoyed at the click of a button.  These include Movies On Demand, Premiums On Demand, Pay-Per-View, and others!


Talking for hours on the phone has never been a practical thing to do with the huge amount of fees you would have to pay for going over your set number of minutes. Thanks to Charter Phone Unlimited this is a thing of the past with restriction-free calling all over the United States!  You will never have to deal with another overage fee ever again with this helpful phone service.

While you are saving money every month with Charter Phone Unlimited you will also be enjoying the best conversations of your life.  Charter Phone uses digital technology for a lucid calling experience every time which eliminates miscommunication almost altogether.


The most calling features are included with Charter Phone for an office-like experience right in your household.  These include call forwarding so that you can always catch calls even if you are not home, call screening, anonymous call rejection, custom ring, selective call acceptance, caller ID, call waiting, and tons of others.

Order a Charter Cable Deal today and start huge savings on the world’s best home service package!  A great entertainment deal never cost so little and came with so much.  Order Charter Online right now!


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Time Warner Cable Keeps Getting Better

Time Warner Cable is one of the leading providers for cable TV, high-speed broadband internet and digital home phone services. With the great customer service, high service quality and all the latest features, Time Warner Cable is the right choice for any household. Find out more at http://www.amlainfo.org/time-warner-cable-helps-the-entire-family/ right now.

Time Warner Cable TV has more than 250 channels, with a large FREE HD selection. Families have the power to get all the shows they want to watch so much with the help of the Time Warner Cable TV DVR. This is great home entertainment for the entire family.


This DVR can record in standard definition and HD, from multiple channels at one time. With so many recording options, families never have to miss any of the programs, movies, sports and more that they are paying for.

The DVR can record and store this programming for as long as it takes the family to watch it, with enough storage for hours of programming.

The DVR can add more benefit for watching favorites, like the ability to rewind, pause and fast forward through selections to get to the parts a viewer wants to see. The DVR can also record while recorded programming is being watch, so no one has to miss a thing.


Time Warner Cable TV also offers On Demand selections, like new movie releases and episodes from popular TV shows. These selections are there anytime the family wants to watch them, so it works around any schedule a busy household is on.

Time Warner Cable TV delivers all of their services through an Advanced Fiber Optic Network. This means superior quality, and excellent sound and image quality.

Concerned parents worry less with the Parental Controls that Time Warner Cable TV provides with their programming and DVR. These Parental Controls make sure that kids don’t see what parents don’t want them to, even if the parents are out of the house for a while.

Time Warner Cable can give any home the high-speed online experience they want and need for banking, shopping, networking and downloading. The Time Warner Cable Internet service can provide broadband, and PowerBoost to add additional broadband that might be needed for large downloads. This makes it easy to get HD movies and online games in seconds.


The Time Warner Cable Internet service also comes with free online Parental Controls that keep undesirable content away from impressionable minds. These Controls can also keep track of who children are networking with.

The Time Warner Cable Time Warner Cable Internet service can also give a home valuable online security software that helps to protect against viruses, spyware, bots, trojans and other online threats.

Free services like PowerBoost, online security software and Parental Controls add value to the service while enhancing the experience.

Time Warner Cable can even give a home the important home phone service it needs to stay connected to friends and family. With this service, families can make unlimited local and long distance calls with no long distance charges and no keeping up with minutes.


This unlimited calling extends to any location in the United States and Canada, giving their customers a wide range of “same-rate” coverage. This calling also comes with calling features that cost nothing extra, like call forwarding, caller ID call waiting and more. Families get the convenience and the low rates they need with Time Warner Cable Home Phone services.

Families can enjoy all of these services in their homes in one easy monthly bundled service package. This bundle provides lower rates and easier bill pay options when the bill comes due.


Top Cable TV and High Speed Internet Packages Deals

Exactly what does it take to make for a great entertainment experience? It is possible to have countless television channels, when you would like them, or you are able to take a smaller sized programming package which suits your requirements and your financial allowance. There’s a single service provider that’s always capable to give you exactly what you’re looking for – your local cable TV provider.

A cable provider can easily give you a range of programming packages that fit the requirements of your whole family and your budget. These television programming packages can provide you with a huge selection of programming options, as well as on Demand plus Pay Per View services. Together with a choice of packages, you currently have options which it is possible to make use of to customize your own home viewing experience. You can get the best home entertainment value possible.

Options like the sports or even movie premiums these kinds of providers provide can provide you with more of the content material you want to view. You are able to find the package which suits the needs of almost all viewers within the home and add a premium to obtain more of the content you really would like to see.


Whenever you would like completely new movie releases, you don’t need to stand in line at the local movie store. You can press a number of buttons upon your remote in addition to view the newest Hollywood blockbusters coming from the comfort of your couch through the On Demand service.

There isn’t any running to the store to get the motion pictures as well as return them just before the late fee. Even though you would like live action, the Pay Per View service will present it together with live UFC fights. As soon as you might be home from work, it is possible to relax and also set up camp on the couch for your very own comfort and ease.

These kinds of options include family-friendly viewing options like Parental Controls and also the on-screen channel guide. The Parental Controls work to block programming that’s unacceptable for young children while the on-screen channel guide lets you notice just what is actually coming on days in advance.

You’ll be able to plan your own viewing so you understand exactly what you need to look at, block together with the Parental Controls or even record to your own DVR or HD-DVR. Your own cable provider can provide you with free of charge HD channels which supply incredible picture and sound.


Your current cable provider can in addition give you high-speed Internet services you and your kids will need at home. Along with a cable provider, you have continuous Internet access to online social networking websites along with research websites for classroom projects.

This service is actually wired or even wireless so you can connect by using your desktop computer or perhaps your tablet. View programming on the internet or do anything else without fear simply because the service will come with online security and internet Parental Controls.

You’ll be able to furthermore appreciate unlimited local along with long distance telephone calling together with an unlimited calling plan that consists of calling features. For a set fee, you can acquire unlimited calling freedom. It is possible to also make international calls.

Check availabilty and see if you can get Comcast Xfinity,Time Warner Cable,Charter Communications or some other great company. With a cable provider, additionally you get convenience. Obtain a bundled package deal for a cheaper rate per month and also hassle-free internet bill pay alternatives.