Charter Communications Package Deals Make Life Better

Getting stuck at home when you are bored is never fun, especially when you want to enjoy yourself after a tough day in the office or for a long weekend with nothing to do.  With Charter’s services you will always have something entertaining to watch, learn, or play!  21st century technology is always building on itself for a better experience with communication and entertainment. Charter Communications Deals are the best representation of this with Charter TV in HD with DVR, Charter Internet, and Charter Phone In-State.

These three home services from charter are also the cheapest way to enjoy the best 21st century innovations, so why not jump on the Charter bandwagon like so many millions of households already have? Entrench yourself in Charter Cable TV and discover the excitement you will get from the simple act of sitting on your couch at home!  Without even moving you will be teleported to the most realistic new and exciting worlds, both real and invented.

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Charter TV in HD offers more HD selections which will capture your visual senses with exceptional clarity.  Now some Charter TV High Definition channels also come with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound to enhance the audio quality when you watch television for the most realistic experience ever!

When you flock to your television you can enjoy watching everything from your old television provider plus hundreds of extra selections. Charter TV has more channels than ever, guaranteeing the greatest selection there is!  From sports to children’s shows of the highest educational value, Charter TV has it all and more.

Now you can enjoy Movies On Demand, Premiums On Demand, Pay-Per-View, and a DVR when Charter TV is ordered in your household. With these options the ability to manipulate the majority of what you watch on television will be easy.  With the DVR you never have to watch a show, movie, or other program when it comes on live TV.  If you need to view it at a different time you can simply record it, even in HD, and watch it later!  The other programming features are perfect for watching a huge variety of everything television instantaneously with over 6,000 selections always available.


When you get Charter High Speed Internet you will start appreciating everything the internet offers for the first time ever.  Because this service is so insanely fast you will suddenly have access to more online abilities that you never though were possible.

Charter Internet is way faster than DSL connections so that you can stream videos in High Definition without incurring any wait time which can waste minutes or hours of your day that could be spend more productively!  Charter Internet guarantees the fastest surfing too, and when it comes to downloading you can enjoy Charter’s Power Boost function that opens up your broadband connection for almost limitless downloading of the largest files.

Enjoy personalization at its best with individual email accounts for the whole family, personal webpages, access to websites like, and parental controls included free with which you can set up limitations for your kids internet use in only minutes!


Welcome to Charter Phone In-State, the only way to get complete phone access to across the country without taking heaps of money out of your wallet.  Offering its famous unlimited calling plan, with Charter Phone you can make calls for emergencies, on whims, or plan them perfectly into your day’s schedule without even thinking about paying extra even if you are phoning across the country or to Canada or even Puerto Rico!


A heap of calling features offers a new approach to your phone experience with the likes of anonymous call rejection, caller ID, selective call acceptance, speed dial, and many others.  Charter Phone even uses online technology with call forwarding select so that you can program your home phone to forward any call you want to any other phone number you want so that the essential phone calls are never missed!

The quality of your phone calls from Charter Phone will be unreal with such clear and instantaneous audio that conversations will play out as if you were together in person.


If you decide that you want to switch out all of your home services for Charter then you will enjoy an extra affordable deal that offers maximum savings!  It is only a matter of time before everyone is flying through the internet, watching the best television, and enjoying perfect quality phone conversations, so why not get ahead of the game without spending too much money?  Want great home entertainment deals? Order Charter Communications online right now!


Ultra HD And 4K Television Technology

Television technology and  entertainment gets better and better every year. Nearly a decade ago, manufacturers began to offer what everyone refers to as HDTV. When these sophisticated TVs first hit the shelves they surprised people with their superior picture clarity and amazing resolutions of 1280 x 720, or an even better 1920 x 1080. These high-res TVs continued to progress further in terms of contrast and color accuracy. Obviously, TVs have made great strides in technology within the last ten years.

Today however, HD is practically old news. Therefore the industry has brainstormed a newer technology – Ultra HD, otherwise known as 4K HD.

What is Ultra HD 4K?


In all accuracy, 4K signifies a very distinctive display resolution – 4096 x 2160. Although all 4K recordings have this resolution, several people use the term “4K” to mean any high display resolution that contains approximately 4000 horizontal pixels. A few companies are beginning to offer these super high-end TVs for under $2K. Is this great improvement in technically savvy resolution the next big thing?

4K is the Next Big Thing


4K is the next latest and greatest display technology, and it’s coming your way soon! Today’s Full HD TVs have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and give us an image of nearly 2 megapixels. However, the latest generation of screen displays boast an even higher resolution of 8 megapixels relative to high resolution cameras.

Several modern-day movie cameras already shoot using greater than 4K resolutions such as the Sony F65 at 8192 x 4320, and the RED Epic at 5120 x 2700.

The new Ultra HD 4K TVs that are scheduled to arrive this year from the mega TV brands will quickly become a platform for both Blu-ray and broadcast television.

Reasons Why 4K is the Better Option


– 4K is quickly getting cheaper
– 4K TV and film is already prevalent and growing
– 4K has the capability to digitally recreate the appearance of 35mm quality
– 4K is very close to a home cinema
– 4K’s picture clarity brings you closer to nature
– 4K is essential for a realistic 3D experience (without glasses)


Just wait a little while and we will all be surprised with what comes next.

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Comcast Will Energize You

While TV has gotten a bad rap over the years, it can be used to energize you. With a more health-conscious society, there is programming available to help educate you on healthier living. Comcast offers dozens of channels and programs that show healthier ways to prepare foods, the differences in certain diets, like veganism or vegetarianism, and exercise programs. Click here to find out more about Comcast Package Deals.

Your TV doesn’t have to be your enemy, if you are trying to be more active. Comcast has the tools you need to stay active and get the educational programming you want. With this provider, you have access to your cooking shows, lifestyle shows or exercise programs 24/7, just by hitting the buttons on your remote. The DVR or HD-DVR make it possible to record your programming, and to watch it when you have time.

After the work is done, Comcast offers ways to reward yourself, with great programming and live action events. This provider can give you new movie releases, Pay Per View events and hundreds of other channels to watch, in digital standard or HD.

This programming stays family-friendly with Parental Controls that you can use to block shows and channels you don’t want your children on. These Parental Controls are a great way to maintain control of your viewing environment, even when you are not at home. So, go ahead, stretch, breath and get ready. Comcast is here for you.

Talk Too Much?
f you are juggling the phone bill with expensive overages and calling cards, you need a better plan. Use the services you can get through Comcast, and you gain access to unlimited local and long distance calling every month. You can make your important calls to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico and pay the same rate, regardless of how long you talk, or where you call, within these countries.

This service also comes with unlimited use on your calling features. Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Return, Anonymous Call Rejection and more, can be on your service plan for nothing. That’s right. You pay nothing extra to get the extra services you need through Comcast.

There are also additional benefits like voice mail and online access to voice messages. When you are going to be gone from home for an extended stay, you can save the minutes on your cellular plan by logging on and listening to your messages through email.

Comcast even provides International calling rates that are competitive and affordable. Make your calls overseas and stay in touch with the ones you miss the most.

Stay Energized
While you are trying to live better and eat healthier, there’s a way to stay motivated with online communities and social sites. Get and stay connected with people of like interests so that you can stay focused and motivated for your health and family.

The internet is a great way to get updates on friends and friendly competitors. You can stay connected 24/7 with Comcast’s high-speed broadband internet service. Do with traditional connects or get WiFi services that will please your whole family. The choice is yours.

Comcast offers internet speeds that are over 100 Mbps, so you get less lag and more information in less time. You can also download your programs and upload your stats in seconds. This service is compatible with wireless devices like gaming consoles, tablets, iPads, iPhones and other SmartPhones. This service is your one-stop source for entertainment and networking.

Comcast provides online security software and online Parental Controls. These services come at no additional charge, so it leaves more money in your pocket to buy the things you need for a healthier lifestyle.

Comcast’s award-winning software can give you protection from Identity Theft, as well as online threats from trojans, viruses, bots and other threats. The Parental Controls can block sites based on rating, and keep you in the loop with the people your children are chatting with online. Parental Controls can also help you enforce time limits, so your rules are followed, even when you are not home.

Organized Bundles
In order to help you organize your bill pays conveniently, and to save you some money in the process, Comcast offers Bundled service packages. You can get these three services through a single provider, and pay for them on a single bill every month. Pay for them online, and you don’t even have to write a check or get stamps.

Family-friendly, reliable and affordable. That’s what Comcast has to offer you.